Burn The Fat Off Your Thighs With These Workouts

How about: Dumbbell Romanian Deadlift + Dumbbell Power Clean + Dumbbell Press. This equals one repetition. So let’s say you do 5 repetitions. You are really doing 15 repetitions per set (5 deadlifts, 5 cleans and 5 presses). This takes a lot of time to perform, uses a wide range of muscles and therefore uses up a lot of energy. And again, more energy used = more fat loss.

The more you can work your core muscles when going after that perfect body, the better. Adding a little twist to your workouts will also help you trim off the unwanted fat around the belly area.

A full body workout plan takes more energy meaning you will burn more energy, aka spare tires. But not only that you will also save time in the gym as you tone more muscles. But here is the real added bonus. A full body workout plan causes your body to produce more fat-burning, muscle-building, feel-good hormones that will keep you lean, toned, and even boost your immune system making you all an around healthier person. Not to mention better looking.

Make sure you do your workouts with proper technique. This is extremely important as working out your back incorrectly can lead to bad posture and even injury. This muscle is an essential part of your day to day physical activity so make sure you use your back muscle properly.

Lunges. Stand with your feet together. Keep your chest out and midsection firm, do not arch your back. With your hands on your hips or by your sides, step forward with a large stride. Bend both your knees. Your front leg should be at a 90 degree angle (your knee and shin should be in a straight line with your ankle). Your back leg should be extended behind you and your knee should be nearly touching the floor. Now with your front foot push up carefully to starting position. Keep yourself steady throughout the exercise. After you have performed the required amount of reps on that leg, swap to the other leg.

The obvious solution to this problem is to progress in your workout regimen gradually. As you get acclimated to a specific weight with resistance training, or a certain amount of time with a cardio routine, or a level of intensity with a full workout routine review, etc., THEN move on to the NEXT level.

Squats. Stand with your legs about shoulder width apart. Have your hands either out in front or folded in front of your chest. Have your toes pointed slightly outwards. Keep your chest out, your midsection firm and head facing frontwards. Now squat as if you were going to sit down, leaning into your heels, until your backside is inline or parallel to the floor. Then using your thighs and butt push yourself back up again. Do not lock your knees out when returning to standing position. Keep your knees soft and the movement flowing. Continue with the second squat, then third etc until you have completed the set.