Shed Massive Weight By Building Muscle Mass

Close grip bench press – lie flat on a bench and hold the barbell with your hands about 6 to 8 inches apart. Keeping your elbows tight by your side and lower the weight down to your chest. Then press up to starting position.

Any type of stretching is very important along with getting occasional massages. Stretching the muscles will keep you flexible and help to prevent injury and is also effective in helping improve recovery between workouts.

Mesomorph – athletic, ideal body-type, evenly proportioned. Easy gainer/ hard loser of muscle; Hard gainer/ easy loser of fat. This is the athletic type everyone wants to be. Most bodybuilders have this type of body. Mesomorphs nonetheless have to engage in a disciplined regimen of diet and exercise to maintain this body type.

2) Chin up – Another very commonly used bodyweight exercise is the chin up. All you need is a chin up bar, if you don’t have a chin up bar you can use a low lying rafter somewhere, make sure it is secure.

I would use this routine when you are devoting one day a week per muscle group. You would only do chest exercises and perhaps cardio on the day of this routine. You can refer to the beginners full workout routine review posted earlier this month. This will take some of those exercises and add to them.

If you are a hardgainer, you must be much more selective in choosing a workout routine. Hardgainers work out just as hard and as long as everyone else but do not see the same improvements to their body. This is because their muscles recover slowly and they are usually training with tried muscles. To get the muscle gains they want, they need to allow ample time for these muscles to heal.

7) Step up – Have one leg on a higher elevation than the other. Step the lower leg up to where the higher leg is. Inhale as you lower exhale as you are coming up. Do about 8-12 reps per leg.

Use lighter weights. It can be very tempting to want to try to keep up with the other guys in the gym. You might feel like a wimp curling 10 lbs dumbbells while the guy next to you is curling 60 lbs. It is better to work your way up then to hurt yourself. I grantee you that the guy next to you didn’t start curl 60 lbs over night.